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Let us design an impound system tailored to your property and needs.

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Has someone left an unauthorized vehicle on your property? It can be annoying and things may get worse if you tackle it on your own. Unauthorized vehicles are unwelcoming, eat up your space, block the way, and then they do not belong on your private property.

At Skyway Towing & Recovery can take care of the issue for you. Call us for reliable and quick private impound services anywhere in Seattle, WA. We have an expert team of highly-skilled towers who can get vehicles that are uninvited and have been parked or left unauthorized on your private property. They will remove the unwelcome vehicles and take them safely to our well-maintained private impound facility till the owners come & claim their vehicles.

Skyway Towing & Recovery has the industry professionals who have years of experience in helping people of Seattle, Washington maintain their private property. Parking in the busy areas of Kent, Renton, and other prime locations of Seattle can be a headache. No wonder you will find people parking on your private property ignoring all the signs you post. That is where we bring a change.

No matter what size a vehicle, we have the required equipment, tow trucks, and expert team to get you hooked! Operating in the busiest areas of Seattle, we provide impounds for every size vehicle.

Got a suspicious vehicle parked outside your property? We work 24×7!

Everyone from shopping malls and parking companies to underground garages, residential communities, and gas stations rely on us when it comes to reliable impounds in quick response time. We also offer complete documentation while signing the agreement so you understand our policies, laws, and regulations to comply with, and other details. Our team visits the property in consideration and install signs to make sure each tow we complete is legal.

We are strictly against predatory towing, and that is what sets Skyway Towing & Recovery apart from the rest as we ensure we take every step with utmost care and leave you out of trouble. Also whatever size vehicle you have standing unauthorized on your property, just call us and our private impounds team will reach you in sooner than you’d expect!

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