It’s sad that car breakdown has thrown a spanner in your weekend trip to Downtown waterfront in Seattle. Right now, the most pressing matter is finding a reliable emergency towing services provider. You need a towing truck. One simple google query will come up with a long list of Seattle towing services providers. Reading reviews left by your unknown good friends can be helpful in hiring a towing service with adequate experience, trained drivers and necessary tools and equipment to ensure the safety of the vehicle. Both the towing truck and the driver has to be well-equipped to rescue the vehicle that has stopped rolling.

Let us help you with a list of equipments a towing truck driver must bring at the site.


This is a hydraulic technology or the principle of pneumatic based equipment that is innovatively using hook and chain technology. This equipment consists of a large metal fork fitting under the rear or front wheel side for the support.

Hook and chain

It is a technique of lifting also known as “belt lift” or “sling”. There are chains circled around the frame or the axle of the vehicle. This is then drawn upwards using a boom winch resting along the sides of a pair of rubberized mats. This is done to tow the vehicle on another axel. However, this equipment is known for scratching the bumpers of vehicles. Therefore, hook and chain equipment is not of much use these days. However, if the bumper of the vehicle is already damaged or the rear or front wheels of the vehicle are missing, this hook and chain equipment can be useful.


This equipment is not specifically used for towing. However, the majority of towing trucks come with this adjustable boom winch. This equipment is useful when the vehicle to be recovered is fixed in an open drain, in a trench or on an edge where the truck has no place to bank upon.


This equipment is also known as a slide or a rollback. There is a complete bed fitted at the back of the towing truck. Based on the hydraulic pressure principle, this equipment is used for moving a vehicle to the ground level. The vehicle you are going to tow is placed on this flatbed and then flatbed applies its own power to load the broken down vehicle on the towing truck.


Integrated is a combination of the wheel-lift and boom technologies. Both technologies are integrated and used for towing light-duty trucks parked at a wrong place.

There are different types of equipment and tools used for towing different types of vehicles. And, there are multiple equipments working as a single unit to tow the vehicle safely.

When you need to avail Seattle towing service, make sure that the towing truck driver is licensed and trained and the towing company is an experienced one.